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Your Body After Baby

Your Body After Baby
Helping you navigate all.the.things postpartum… especially the things that no one told you about.  
Postpartum is so.many.things… there is not one part of us that is untouched after we’ve had a baby. When I was pregnant for the first time, no one prepared me for the profound impact postpartum & motherhood would have on my mental health, my sense of self, my hormones, my body, my day to day life, my relationships, my sex life … it reaches EVERYTHING.
Fast forward to 6 months after my second baby…I was in a hellish cycle of sleep deprivation, I was not feeling myself, my toddler was turning 3, there was no time for me, no time for us, our relationship was strained, there was nothing left to give, I wanted to move my body but I had no energy and didn’t know where to start, I didn’t recognize my life anymore, my body felt foreign, grief was bubbling up, I was anxious more often than not and I had MAJOR guilt for not “enjoying” my time with my girls because I was just so overwhelmed. Things were starting to unravel on me…
Here’s the thing…
We are in a world where Motherhood looks and seems PERFECT, where you are never doing enough, where you are doing it wrong, where you are silenced in your experience because “at least you & baby are healthy”, where nobody gives you permission to not be ok, where you suffer in silence because you think you are the only one, where you feel lost and alone….
This is why Your Body After Baby was born. Because I’ve felt all of these things and I know I’m NOT the only one.
This isn’t about getting your “pre-baby” body back at ALL or ANY cost…This isn’t about pretending like everything is OK, this isn’t about dismissing how we are actually feeling just to be the “perfect mom”…because how we feel emotionally/mentally matters.. How our bodies feel and function after having babies is REALLY important. It sets the stage for how we FEEL and our overall health beyond being a mom, as a women, as a human
Here’s What You’re Getting When You Purchase
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Who #YourBodyAfterBaby is for…
For mom’s who think they are the only one feeling the way they are.
For mom’s who still don’t feel good in their bodies.
For mom’s who want to get back into exercise safely
For new moms or seasoned moms
For mom’s who feel just not themselves but can’t figure out why
For mom’s who want more for themselves
For moms who feel like nobody understands and just want to feel validated
For moms who don’t recognize their bodies and are not sure what they are feeling and if its normal
For moms who want to have a functional core that allows them to do the daily activities they desire
For moms who want to simplify and enjoy postpartum
For moms who want to be armed to the correct information and feel empowered about their bodies
For moms who are EXPECTING! I wish I had this information before I gave birth.
For moms who are expecting for a second, third, fourth time… My postpartum experience after my second was far different than after my first… on so many levels.
Who #YourBodyAfterBaby is NOT for….
If you are trying to get your “pre-baby body” back
If you are willing to risk your long term health to get back into those jeans
If you are not opened to learning a new way
If you don’t feel like there is any room for improvement in how you feel mentally & physically


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