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Underground Seduction

Underground Seduction

“Be Leaked by the Thought of SEX, Get Assured …”
As you can see:

Do you want to know? How can you mold women to be crazy? When they think they have their own ideas? WARNING: If you are easily disturbed to Ahmet Do not read this!

Are you going to bars hoping to be “lucky” or “night”? Just to get tired, turn it on or off, or break up with fear of getting close to women, and to get into internet porn poses? Does this sound familiar? It was my life, every weekend – until the end of the ’30s!

Most men simply say, “All women are delusions,” “they can not live with them, they can not live without it,” and they all end up in the same way. Either they are turned into those old furry creepy men who are not being morgue, or they grow up with a drowned marriage, they hate the rest of their lives.

On the contrary, you do not want to know how to physically push women’s buttons when you want them, or do you have a few ordinary girlfriends, or do you have the level of attraction to choose what you really want?

You think, “How can you get warmer, young women in the late ’30s?”

Because myself and my friend (a remarkable psychologist) took years to perfect this breakthrough system. Since then I have come to teach my personal findings of fat, baldness, old and poor friends. My 28-year-old friend lives in the basement of Kevin and his family – we will have beautiful women at night with my Deep Psychological Triggers. Oh, and I should also tell you that we prefer hot girls under the age of 25 who are everywhere … and they were the only ones that we bothered.

Before that, the girls laughed at me. I acted like a strange little worm who “did not deserve” their time, I was the perfect little princess.
Some girls will take the slightest smell of insecurity or irritability and reject you. Some of them are trying to test their men by breaking the collective. Some just mean outright. We were all blown up at one point, rejected or led. I understand, and really, it’s not your fault.

I had some girls (which I slept with) that they agreed to go on weekends only to fly or leave their friends and then they would laugh together. They were actually going to bring out the kids to make them think about what they were interested in, then they were acting totally rude, insulting or blowing themselves out trying to talk to them. It sounds familiar

These girls did just to feel a sense of power. Of course they were pathetic sadists and they were completely shallow, but there is something else you need to know about them, they are all fabulous (I’m talking about the perfect 10s). And I slept with 3 in 5 of that group.

But it was not always like that. Like you, I was trying to go out and do different agendas or tricks that never worked, until a Day …

It was really something that changed my life: My ex-college friend turned the city during the weekend; She is now at the head of the Psychology Department at the main college. He has said something about psychological psychology of coercion and has affected people’s beliefs and desires …

Then he plugged my head – why not apply to these women ?!




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