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Melt Away Your “Menopause Belly” FAST By Starving Your FatCells (Without Starving Yourself!)


Discover The Simple System I Used To BURN 26 Pounds Of Fat & DROP 3 Dress Sizes…

After Menopause Took Control Of My Life!

Tighten It Up – Tighten It Up Review
Does Debbie Bertie’s Program REALLY Work
Melt Away Your “Menopause Belly” FAST By Starving Your FatCells (Without Starving Yourself!)
Discover The Simple System I Used To BURN 26 Pounds Of Fat & DROP 3 Dress Sizes…
…After Menopause Took Control Of My Life!
ATTENTION: Women Over 40 Experiencing Peri-Menopause Or Menopause Melt Away Your “Menopause Belly” FAST By Starving Your Fat Cells (Without Starving Yourself!) IN ONLY 8 WEEKS… Discover The Simple System I Used To BURN 26 Pounds Of Fat & DROP 3 Dress Sizes… …After Menopause Took Control Of My Life! TIME TO TAKE CONTROL! REVEALED ON THIS PAGE: How To Defeat “Menopause Belly”: It’s time to say GOODBYE to your muffin top and HELLO to a sexy, flat stomach. QUIZ: Has your menopause already begun? (you may be shocked to learn that “peri-menopause” can begin as early as age 40!) Hot Flashes, Emotional Mood Swings & Night Sweats: Discover the TRUTH about your menopause symptoms and how to get rid of them (It’s time to take back control over your body!) The Master Menopause Hormone: This one hormone is the #1 contributing factor causing your body to hold onto that stubborn belly fat. The good news is, you can fix it! 5 Biggest Mistakes Women Make During Menopause (I hope you aren’t making these common fat-loss and menopause mistakes! Number four is the biggest offender). Meet DEBBIE BERTIE! LEADING Fat Loss Expert for Women 40+ Welcome, my name is Debbie Bertie. As a 57-year-old mother of two, I’ve learned first-hand the difficulties women go through to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. If you’re a women over 40 who’s going through menopause and is struggling with stubborn belly fat… …Then you need to read every single word on this page because this is the most important information you will ever read. Here’s why… THE TRUTH WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Discover The TRUTH About Menopause! I have some Good News to share with you! On this page, I’m going to show you the TRUTH about why most women over 40 have an incredibly difficult time losing weight. If you follow my simple 3-step formula, you can melt away your stubborn body fat faster than you would believe (these 3-steps are what I personally used to burn 26 pounds of fat and drop three dress sizes). Before I share this 3-step process with you, we need to address this first fat-loss fact… YOU NEED TO TRAIN DIFFERENTLY! If You’re A Woman Over 40 And Struggling To Lose Weight, It’s Not Your Fault… Celebrity trainers typically promote long, grueling workouts in order to lose weight. While nutritionists and dieticians make cookbooks targeted to the general public full of misguided recipes that lack your particular dietary needs. These ineffective cookie cutter programs may work for younger audiences but they lack the specialization that you need at this time in your life. Cookie Cutter Programs Steady State Cardio Calorie Counting Diets Your body is different as you go through menopause and peri-menopause, which means you need to train differently at this new stage. In other words, if you’re struggling to lose fat, don’t blame yourself. Your struggle to lose weight is due to your current position in your life cycle. You need specific guidance to regulate your hormonal health; avoid misguided information that will continue to hinder your progress. HERE’S THE PROOF… 50 Million Women In America Have “Menopause Belly”…And The Master Menopause Hormone Is To Blame! There are two times in a woman’s life when you can’t help but gain weight: During pregnancy. During peri-menopause & menopause. In both cases, the weight gain is caused by a dramatic change in your body’s hormones. [1] Many women who have been skinny all their lives often find they develop a muffin top for the first time ever, this is due to the hormonal changes they experience during menopause. While it’s very difficult to lose your pregnancy pounds, it’s much easier to lose your “menopause belly”. WHAT IS MENOPAUSE BELLY? “Menopause Belly” Is The Given Name Of The 10-20 Pounds Of Belly Fat Most Women GAIN Durning Menopause! This stubborn, excess body fat is the result of your body stopping production of the “master menopause hormone” as you enter your 40s and 50s. Most women gain this weight on their stomach, but also on their hips, legs, and butt. [2] Menopause belly is why you have to adjust your shirt when you sit down to cover up your muffin top. Menopause belly is why you begin to look “apple-shaped” and can no longer fit into your favorite jeans. For many women, menopause belly completely ruins their sex life.
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