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The Nightingale Method

The Nightingale Method

Certain techniques and strategies that I have discovered that I have reached the primal part of the mind and turned a woman with feelings of desire and lust.

But I did not want to jump the gun. I had to be 100% sure.

I was sick and tired of being rejected by women, and I did not want to spend time with something that “worked”.

It was not all or nothing. No half-measurements.

I decided to put what I opened the next day on the test.
I went to the local Starbucks at the corner where I lived.

And when I entered, there was a cashier on my shoulder.

His name was Jessica and he was hot in the air!

It seemed to belong to the cover of the fitness magazines.

Gorgeous face … long, wavy black hair … beautiful brown eyes … plump, sensual lips, incredible smile …

The perfectly shaped, D-cup breasts were sitting firmly in the delicate wonder of the female figure …

The light belt on his back emphasized the sensual curves as he walked across the room.
It was easily 10th. Everybody could see.

And I wanted him so bad.

But the thought of walking to him and asking him was quite frightening.

What if he disables me?

What if there’s a boyfriend? Or even worse … a husband?

Those scary thoughts gently tortured me as I approached myself.

My knees were very weak … my palms were sweaty … and my heart began to hit so quickly that I thought I would die …

But I continued …

“You have to do this or you’ll regret it,” I said to myself.

When I approached the workbench, I stopped for a few seconds until the eye contact was established and then I went …

What happened then

He did not really do much to me except to smile at me.

And I’m surprised.

Did not work?

I was watching the system exactly.

Undoubtedly still very skeptical. I’ve never done anything like this before.

I left Starbucks that day was a bit disheartening, maybe it was a crazy idea.

But then I returned the next day and it was something remarkable.

I can not believe what I saw exactly …

I was taking a daily dose of caffeine when you looked at me there and then quickly when my eyes met.

I was not sure what to do at first, so I let myself out of my cup of coffee a cup of coffee …

And guess what?

His number was written beside the cup …

I noticed, and when I looked, there was a smile, blushing and uncontrolled.



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