Everything Gets Harder When You’re Overweight



This might feel like I am kicking you in the butt but it’s the truth. I know it and you know it. Getting around the house and keeping up with the kids can truly become quite the task if you are carrying around a few extra pounds.

The goal of Shred Secrets is to get rid of hard, stubborn fat that’s lurking around your belly; and to get you not only feeling better but looking better too.

Success stories of men/women who’ve gotten leaner, hold testament to a common theme, being overweight makes everything hard, literally. When you are not in optimal shape, it affects how capable you are physically and mentally to face day-to-day challenges.

Whether it’s taking a walk, playing sports, or even staying motivated and focused throughout the day; scientific research shows that obesity has a negative effect on almost every aspect of life. It forces us to be unproductive, weak, and unstable.

I know what life is like as an overweight person. I was that person.

I knew things had to change because I’ve had enough of being a black sheep among my family, relatives and even my friends’ circle. For me, I needed to change my physique – so that I could change my life.

For years, I tried to lose fat and be what I believe is the classic definition of sexy. I wanted that lean body that you saw in all the fitness magazines. But I was not able to gain that dream body because I was following what the fitness and fat loss industry was telling me to do, information created solely for marketing purposes – and not to actually help people.

Believe it or not, if the fitness and fat loss industry provided data-driven fat loss regimens, they would have lost billions of dollars by now. Why? Because, most of these programs do not actually work. And they know it.

There is NO MAGIC PILL that can melt your fat in just a few days, but there are effective workout programs, and nutrition regimens. When combined together properly, these programs can help you shred fat within a few weeks in a healthy way.

Science-driven programs, like Shred Secrets is the enemy of the general fat loss and fitness industry. Because they try and sell you a dream. We give you results backed by certified physicians, nutritionists and fitness experts. Do not waste your time and money looking for shortcuts, because you will not get the results you hoped to get. 2 out of 3 American adults remain obese because of shortcuts. Shortcuts do not work.

I learned this lesson the hard way. I had already spent thousands of dollars buying fat-loss supplements, and workout programs. Some of them kind of worked but I certainly wasn’t getting results I was looking for. I would sometimes lose a few pounds of water weight but I was not losing true fat and nothing made a significant impact on my weight loss journey or my health. So, instead of spending more on unrealistic programs, fat-loss diets and related products, I sat down on my laptop; and started researching for fact-based regimens.

After a thorough research that took me months to absorb, I made a significant realization:

Reducing Fat to Optimal Levels is Not Rocket Science

I learned about the calorie-in and calorie-out phenomenon, how different weight-loss and fat-loss is, which nutrition and workout programs are more effective, how many fat types are there and why most people quit fat-loss programs. And this was just the tip of the iceberg.

I had learned so much and was excited to teach what the fat-loss industry was so quiet about. I realized that there were other people, who like me, were facing obesity and wanted to get rid of fat as fast as possible. So I’ve committed myself to teaching others what I know and what works. And believe me, this stuff may not be rocket science but there is a science to it.

To make this process way easier for you I’ve turned knowledge into practice; then, I improved the practice and to made it more adaptive, and easy for you to execute.

After that, I tested my science-driven program with people I knew. Some of the test individuals were obese and others just had skinny fat. I wanted to test our program on a verity of inidividuals so I could verify whether the program was working not only on me but other people as well.

Now, you might be wondering, “What on Earth is included in this program?” or “What makes Shred Secrets better than all of the other fat-loss programs out there?”

The answer is simple. This program is NO-NONSENSE program. Everything that is in this program is essential, and is needed for you, to keep seeing real results ‒ super fast!

The program I have made is simple, easy to understand and includes every bit of knowledge, you need, to start burning fat, and keep on doing it until you are shredded.


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