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Review of The Gout Eraser™ – True gout relief at home?

Review of The Gout Eraser™ – True gout relief at home?



Before I opened up The Gout Eraser™ on my e-book reader, I had to ask myself a question:


Is this really going to be something that actually teaches REALISTIC gout relief at home?


I mean, I’m not a superhuman. I have (or rather, had) gout. I needed a guide that recognized that and empathized with my less than ideal habits which all people outside of the movies have.


I came into the whole idea of gout relief at home from a funny position. My doctor flat out told me that the best way to solve the painful swelling around the joints of my fingers was to “just plain be healthier.” Yeah, my doctor is kind of blunt.


Personally I couldn’t even clasp my hands into a fist without having a terrible, borderline arm paralysis. From the fingers down through the arms, the pain locked my arms into place. Recognizing this, my doc was at least nice enough to prescribe me some medications.


But just as The Gout Eraser™ states, medications are a short-term solution. What was I going to do, stay on them my whole life?


From the first paragraph the book resonated with my own thoughts. I was sold on The Gout Eraser™ philosophy, which was essentially identifying the fact that gout was simply the result of a waste product build-up in the body, a waste product that my own body had been previously dealing with effectively for decades. The Gout Eraser™ aims at restoring this function in the body.

It is a highly pragmatic way to deal with the problems of gout in a fast, efficient way.


The best relief is the one you can sustain. It’s unfortunate that so few guides acknowledge this, but The Gout Eraser™ is an exception. Rather than masking the symptoms, it deals with the underlying imbalance, and the goal is a permanent gout removal…and not temporary relief.


I was also greatly relieved to find that The Gout Eraser™ is NOT some restrictive diet. Because, you know, you have taste buds. And they get VERY upset if you ignore them for some hospital diet. With The Gout Eraser™, you can still enjoy taste foods and drinks.


Thankfully, The Gout Eraser™ will also refrain from telling you to do some exhaustive exercises or train like you’re running a marathon. In fact, doing everything The Gout Eraser™ recommends will take no more than a few minutes of your day, and you’ll get to experience dramatic fast relief from the debilitating pain and you’ll be on your way to total gout freedom in 7 days or less.


Did I mention all the other improvements? After incorporating the Okinawan secrets in the guide, I also noticed that I was feeling better and more energetic than I had in a long, long time. It is no wonder that the Chinese have for years referred to Okinawa as the Land of Immortals!



Now that is not the main focus of the guide, but it just so happens that to reverse gout, re-balance your body and take it back to the state it naturally is during your youth, when all its processes (including uric acid excretion) were working as they should be.



Final thoughts


Gout removal needs to be done in a realistic way that Americans will actually follow. Somewhere between 3 to 8 million of us are hampered by this terrible illness because we’ve more or less succumbed to short-term prescription medications. Other gout sufferers fall off of overly restricted diet plans handed down by unrealistic nutritionists.


It turns out that there’s a better way now.


The Gout Eraser™ doesn’t make either of those mistakes. It’s a guide based on ancient Okinawa secrets that you can actually follow to get rid of the swelling and pain, enjoy more energy, and just plain get your life back. It does what it says and receives my whole-hearted recommendation. If you have gout, do yourself a favor and get this guide.


Watch the following free video presentation to learn more about The Gout Eraser™:






Is all natural gout relief even an option for you?


When it comes to dealing with gout, some of my readers ask me if we even have a choice in the matter.


“Can I really use natural fixes to get rid of my extremely painful swelling?”


Apparently some folks think that the level of severity of their gout dictates whether to go for “soft natural remedies” or “tougher, more powerful drug options” as they see it.


In my opinion as someone who’s dealt with gout issues first hand and finally fixed the problem for good, I can tell you this is not the case. Just the opposite is true, actually.


Yes, prescription medications certainly are a tougher option. Tougher on your wallet and tougher on your body.


But in terms of actually removing the excess uric acid crystals building up along the joint cavities in your extremities? There’s nothing particularly magical they can do that nature cannot. Except give you side effects, something diet doesn’t really do outside the extremes.


Let’s think about this from the perspective of a machine less complicated than our bodies: your car. Gasoline is its nutrition, and maintenance and mechanical work is its exercise. Take any old rust bucket and give it those two things, and it will go from a creaking wreck to running smoothly.


Drugs would be adding nitrous to the car. Yes, nitrous can help your rust bucket shoot from 0 to 150 on the freeway. But what happens after that? Will it still hold up without proper fuel or maintenance?


The bottom line is that what you put in your body underpins the conditions for (or against) gout being present in the body.


Consider the source of uric acid build-up


Now let’s turn back to the body. Uric acid is produced from birth, yet normally the body does a good job of getting rid of it as quickly as it is produced.

Gout happens when for some reason, your body stops managing to removal uric acid effectively. Doesn’t it make sense then, that rather than masking the symptoms (as drugs do) you fix what has gone wrong?

After all, we’re not asking your body to do anything magical. We’re simply getting it back to its natural state. Is it really that complicated?


The Gout Eraser™ is a step-by-step system written from ancient Okinawan knowledge that the islands inhabitants have been using for centuries to re-align their bodies and getting rid of gout – an ailment they consider to be ‘easily fixed!


The Gout Eraser™ is the only safe way of really getting rid of gout and it’s the only real long-term path to remaining gout free. Check out The Gout Eraser™ if you haven’t already, to carve the path for yourself:  



What gout treatment options are available to me?


Before you choose the right treatment for you, it’s important to understand what options are available.


A talk with your doctor may leave out some important options, so it’s important to be informed going into your visit. This article aims to explain every option you have, with some commentary on the pros and cons of each one for further discussion. Towards the end, we explore the newer, lifestyle based alternatives.


Uric acid production inhibitors


Scientifically known as xanthine oxidase inhibitors, these medications limit the amount of uric acid produced by the body. They help to reduce blood uric acid concentrations and reduce the overall risk of gout.


Like all drugs, unintended side effects are a part of use. This particular class of drugs can produce side effects including rash, low blood volume, nausea, and reduced liver function.


Uric acid removal agents


Drugs can also help the kidneys to excrete uric acid from the body. On one hand, these medications can be effective at reducing blood uric acid levels. On the other hand, your urinary uric acid levels are increased, contributing to painful kidney stone formation. Other side effects include stomach pains and rashes.


Non-prescription options


As you can see from the above, medications are very likely to give side effects.


The other potential issue with medications is, what happens when you stop usage? Do your blood uric acid levels go back to where they were before? Does the crystallization process in the joints continue, leading once again to red swelling and pains?


Only you can answer these questions. And if you believe the answer is yes, then it’s worth looking into nature-based solutions stop uric acid accumulation in your body.


Nature Based Changes


In Okinawa, an island off the coast of Japan known for being the place with the longest life expectancy, gout is treated by tackling the source of imbalance in your body. After all, your body had previously been getting rid of uric acid effectively for decades, so all we need to do is to take it back to that state.


The way this is done to providing the right stimulus for ‘rebooting’ the body’s waste removal process, and providing the right substances for this waste removal process to run efficiently. It’s the exact approach one would take when fixing any machine – only when it comes to our bodies are we so obsessed with masking the symptoms rather than fixing the root cause!


The Gout Eraser™: The all-natural guide for permanent gout removal


This is the most concise guide on restoring the body to its natural well-functioning state, by restoring the process for removing crystalline buildup in the joints, and slowing down uric acid production.


Without requiring much effort from your part, The Gout Eraser™ guides you step-by-step on how to remove gout quickly and efficiently. For more details on The Gout Eraser™, check out the following free video presentation:





What are the symptoms of gout? Signs to look for


Is that pain and swelling you’re experiencing just an allergic reaction? A bacterial infection? Or true gout?


It can be hard to tell sometimes. The body can act very similarly to widely different illnesses. In this article, we’ll examine the different symptoms that gout creates, enabling you decide for yourself if you’re likely to have it or not.


Before we continue, it’s worth noting the obvious: seek the opinion of a medical professional to be sure. It’s not worth saving a few dollars to self-diagnose and end up headed in the wrong direction.


Classic gout symptoms


As an arthritic condition, gout mainly causes pain around the joints. Gout specifically can be quite painful due to incredible pressure buildup of uric acid crystals in the affected limbs which were not made to hold any such deposits.


Watch for pain in the extremities. Uric acid crystals caused by gout need slightly colder conditions in order to build up.


The most common we affected joint is the big toe, which is one of the furthest away from the central mass of the body. Oftentimes a gout sufferer will endure extreme tenderness, along with a mix of warmth and painful swelling.


Due to the coolness of the nighttime, pain often starts as one climbs into bed and drifts off to sleep. The pain can be so severe that even mild pressure from a bedsheet can be excruciatingly painful.


Look for redness or purpleish skin around the affected area. The joint may have the appearance of being infected, even though it technically is not.


Gout also shows signs of change as it improves. If you see skin peeling, this is actually a good side that the gout is going away.


Chronic gout


Some individuals experience the symptoms of gout nearly all the time. Older adults are especially vulnerable to chronic gout, which is often confused with other forms of arthritis because the pain is somewhat lower than acute gout attacks.


Obviously less pain is better, but individuals suffering from gout in any form should seek relief, as options are available.


A safe, simple solution to acute and chronic gout relief


As an imbalance-induced illness, gout can quickly and readily be reversed by providing the body with the right triggers and nutrients to restore its functions.


The Gout Eraser™ is a short, to the point guide on how to reverse gout symptoms without ever leaving your home. The guide goes into extensive detail on exactly what you need to do to safely, effectively and permanently get rid of gout, and you are GUARANTEED to see dramatic improvements in days if not hours.


To learn more about The Gout Eraser™ system, check out the following free video presentation:  





Do home based gout remedies actually work?


What do you think of when you hear someone talking about a “home remedy” they’ve used to treat an illness?


Does it perk up your ears, or just make you suspicious and skeptical?


Remedies have been used by people for thousands of years with varying degrees of success. Some are based on folklore, while others continue the trend of following what works through trial and experimentation passed down the generational line.


In modern times, the gap between remedies and prescription medications is not so clear cut. Scientists can and do research simple home remedies for various ailments, in order to test their effectiveness against more expensive medical options.


This isn’t a perfect science though. Because most research money is devoted into areas where the funds can quickly be made back, there tends to be a larger body of research around costly prescription medications than simple remedies.


As for gout, we know it to be an imbalance illness – no one is born with gout and it simply crops up when a process in the body stops working as efficiently as it had been.


This is about the perfect type of ailment for proven natural remedies to work their magic.


Did you know that in Okinawa, gout has been treated for centuries without any synthetic drugs or medications?


It’s true. The way they deal with gout is simply by providing the right triggers and substances to help the body re-start dealing with uric acid as it had been doing perfectly before.


Simply by ceasing to do things that further bring imbalance in your body (warning: some of these are recommended by doctors!), consuming particular nutrients in specific quantities, and doing a couple of weird but effective movements, gout can be eradicated quickly, permanently and most importantly – safely!


Wouldn’t you rather stop pumping harmful and expensive drugs into your body, and instead just provide it with the right conditions for it to start working effectively again?


All-natural Okinawan system that eradicates gout


The Gout Eraser™ extensively goes over the nature-based solution that achieves just this. You’ll be able to say goodbye to gout, and feel better than ever before, in just 7 days or less!


To learn more about The Gout Eraser™ and how it works, check out the following video presentation 


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