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Walnut wood is lumber cut from the trees of the Juglans genus. The Walnut wood color will vary based on how the wood was dried.

Complementary therapist Annie Day practises tree spirit healing. Tree ‘witnesses’ (leaves, twigs, bark and cones) are placed on or near the body, while tree essences are given orally or drops are placed on the wrists and inhaled, or on chakra points or an injury. ‘The energy of trees can help any mind, body or spiritual problem,’ claims Day. ‘It’s also a deeply relaxing experience.’

Research by Oxford Brookes University shows that cardiovascular health benefits from exercise and fresh air, but woodland surroundings have a calming effect that assists recovery more than a gym. Modern medicine often sets the physical and the emotional apart, yet with their roots firmly in the ground and their branches reaching up to the skies, trees remind us that the two are planted firmly together.

Reiki Energy Healing Walnut Wood Watch





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