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“Women can not draw” (and other nonsense)

The legend in heavy density is that women lack the upper body strength to hold themselves in a cup; this is a power that pull-ups can use only in men, that is, those with testosterone in men.

Luckily, at some point in your life you’ve heard of some kind of variation of this legend, and it may even have deterred you from pursuing pull-ups.

Many women will not even try to quarrel because we have been told that we are not strong enough, so why bother? Actually, I work with a few women who say they want to be a lawyer, but scare them to try because we believe it’s too hard and too far to reach.

Could we go on and search these bullshits in bulk?

The idea that pull-ups can be used by men is a cultural limitation that tries to keep us small. Another way of striking our social norms and boundaries is to limit our progress and power.

This social belief is simply a structure that hinders my life from tremendous self-sufficiency and deep satisfaction resulting from keeping countless women above this bar.

The truth is, you can shoot. Whether you help or not you can do them. You can challenge the social myths trying to keep you within bounds. If you are ready to follow the pull-ups-start again to enjoy passing over this bar, join me to become a Pull-Up queen.

Pull-up Queen Will Help You…

  • Develop a solid foundation of upper body strength
  • Improve pull-up technique + increase upper body strength
  • Get your first chin-up or pull-up
  • Build a strong, durable back
  • Increase your pull-up reps
  • Feel like a total badass in the gym (or anywhere you can pull yourself up!)
  • Increase your confidence
  • Simplify the pull-up process + make them more accessible
  • Empower you in and out of the gym

I’m Neghar Fonooni—Pull-up Enthusiast + Creator of Pull-up Queen

I can still remember, with vivid detail, the first time I achieved an unassisted pull-up. As soon as I got my chin over the bar I felt…shocked. Excited. Empowered beyond belief.

I wasn’t actually expecting to get over the bar. In fact, in my many years of lifting weights, I had never even tried with any sense of purpose or direction.

Sure, I messed around on the assisted pull-up machine, mostly to check the movement off my list—but I’d never approached the movement with the belief that I could eventually do it without assistance.

That is, until I was forced to take a long break from lower body training due to a sports related knee injury. Without the ability to deadlift, squat, jump, or run, I was faced with a choice: lament my limitations, or focus on getting strong as hell in my upper body.

Thankfully, I chose the latter. Every training day for months I practiced a variety of pulling styles and assistance movements. I used bands, boxes, and partner assistance. I varied my grip, volume, and intensity.

And after months of consistent, diligent, focused practice, it finally paid off. I jumped down from that bar with a feeling of elation I had never before felt in the gym. It was more potent than any personal gym record or feat of strength I’d ever accomplished, and I was determined to build on that feeling.

Today, I consider pull-ups one of my favorite and most impressive strength skills. I can do up to 15 unbroken, as well as pull-ups with added weight. In fact, my pull-up strength even led to me being able to achieve my first strict muscle-up earlier this year, and has helped me excel in all areas of my fitness regimen.

I’m a self proclaimed Pull-up Queen, because I believe in not only cultivating physical strength, but in having the confidence and self-worth to own it—and I’m going to help you become a pull-up queen too.

What’s Included in the Pull-up Queen Package?

THREE Pull-up Programs for
various skill and strength levels


This 12-week phase of the program is designed for beginners. It will guide you through upper body strength training while also practicing chin-ups.


For those who’ve been training consistently for at least a years or more, this 9-week phase is designed to help you build on your upper body strength and get that first pull-up.


If you’re close to a pull-up (or perhaps already have 1 or 2) and have been training for over 2 years, this 6-week phase will help you get your first and/or increase your pull-up volume.

  • A 12-week beginner training program to build upper body strength
  • A 9-week intermediate pull-up specific training program
  • A 6-week advanced training program for pull-up domination
  • Video library full of tutorials and tips
  • Gear guide for all your pull-up needs
  • Guidance on mobility + recovery
  • Membership portal to conveniently host all of your materials


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