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Power Yoga Detox for the Busy Professional

Power Yoga Detox for the Busy Professional

This eBook is for you if you can’t afford to…

  • Take time off from your work and go on a Detox Retreat for a week or longer.
  • Get any fatter because it’s hurting your professional and personal image.
  • Spend a lot of money on juicing equipment, costly supplements, and expensive exercise equipment.
  • Become a health fanatic and spend every waking moment obsessing with food thoughts or,
  • Keep your emotions bottled up any longer because you know it’s affecting your relationships at home and work.

What does Yoga & Detox have to do with Business Success?

I know, you’re probably wondering what detox has to do with business success. After all, most of us think of “detox” as a fad diet people do to lose weight quickly, drinking nothing but gross-tasting green juices, strange powdered concoctions and then suffering through headaches, nausea and other horrible detox symptoms. So, what does this have to do with your business success? Everything. In fact, I credit detox with giving me a fulfilling and rewarding business, a fabulous travel lifestyle and an incredibly supportive community of friends and colleagues.


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