Home Fitness Latest Research Says Weight Gain DESTROYS Taste Buds, Leads to Overeating

Latest Research Says Weight Gain DESTROYS Taste Buds, Leads to Overeating

Latest Research Says Weight Gain DESTROYS Taste Buds, Leads to Overeating

Latest Research Says Weight Gain DESTROYS Taste Buds, Leads to Overeating

Learn How to Lose Weight in Just 28 Days to STOP this Vicious Cycle of Overeating

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New Obesity Research Points to ‘Dull Taste Buds’ As Reason for Overeating

New 28-Day Weight Loss System REVERSES Damaged Taste Buds, Prevents Overeating


For the past decade, studies have been indicating that weight gain negatively affects our sense of taste. And now the latest research, conducted by researchers at Cornell University and published in PLOS Biology, tells us WHY this happens.

Taste buds regenerate at a rate of about 100 cells every 10 days. Older taste bud cells eventually die off, and are replaced with newer ones. Simply put, our sense of taste is affected by this constant dying of old cells and production of new ones.

However, as the study reveals, when one is overweight, this ‘regeneration’ is off balance.

So what’s happened?

Inflammation, driven by obesity, limits the number of taste buds on the tongues. Older taste bud cells die more quickly, while the development of new taste bud cells happens more slowly.

So obesity leads to inflammation, which leads to taste bud renewal imbalance, which leads to overeating!

Weight Taste Relation

The study, even though conducted on mice, is considered by the medical and weight loss communities as a breakthrough because it explains one of the reasons why trying to lose weight can be so darn difficult!

Weight Loss Is NOT Just About WILLPOWER

For years overweight people have been told that to lose weight, all you need is a strong dose of WILLPOWER. Studies like these show that this does not seem to be the case at all!

Your sense of taste declines when you gain weight. When your sense of taste is reduced, you tend to overeat because you’re not getting a sense of fulfillment from what you’re eating. This then results in even more weight gain.

So now you know why it’s almost impossible to stop at just ONE piece of chocolate cake. You just can’t enjoy one slice because you can hardly taste it.

Now, I know all this sounds gloomy, but here’s the good news… this condition can be temporary!

Effective Weight Loss RESTORES Sense of Taste

Luckily, several studies also show that the opposite is true.

If gaining weight dulls your sense of taste, which leads to overeating… losing weight restores taste dysfunction, which prevents overeating, binging, and even those late night cravings.

Lose Weight in 28 Days and STOP Endless Cycle of Overeating

Now that you know that overeating is a ‘natural tendency’ when you’re overweight because you can hardly taste anything… how can you use this information to effectively LOSE weight?

For starters, adapt a weight loss system designed exclusively for women.

Look, you know that women’s bodies are built very differently from men. But apart from the obvious physical distinctions, everything INSIDE is also different.

For instance, did you know that the amount of the HUNGER hormone leptin is almost twice in a woman’s body?

Did you also know that since female bodies are meant for child bearing, women normally have more fat and are likely to hold on to fat more stubbornly than men?

These are just some of the many things I studied, researched, and tested in developing my exclusive weight loss system for women.

As a fitness professional with 15+ years’ experience, I’ve been a witness to just about every type of weight loss journey there is.

And for years I was puzzled at why the men in our fitness centre (I co-own one) really did lose weight faster than women. And they kept off the weight longer too!

Now, the women I encountered were just as dedicated and determined as the men but somehow weight loss was just… slower for them.

So I made it my mission to unlock this gender bias when it comes to losing weight. And what I discovered was that to lose weight FAST and to achieve LONG-TERM weight loss, a ‘generic’ solution just doesn’t cut it.

So I developed BeFinallyFit (BFF), a for-women-only weight loss program that understands your body and USES ITS VERY STRUCTURE to produce fast results.

Secondly, go for a weight loss system that’s step-by-simple-step.

The problem with most weight loss programs these days is that they’re too vague.

“Eat 70 grams of protein per day.”
“Split your macros to 30/30/40.”

What do these even mean?!?

BFF is not a concept, it tells you simply what to do. And I find that most women prefer this uncomplicated, straight-forward approach.

Most of my weight loss clients tell me that there’s so much information out there that they feel trying to lose pounds feel like ‘going back to school’ because there’s so much to know and understand.

Me? I get the fact that you just want something that works!

>> You can click here to watch a short video of my BeFinallyFit 28-day system. <<

BFF provides a daily, almost meal-by-meal schedule. But it’s flexible enough so that you have leeway there to make adjustments. Hey, I have two sons myself under the age of 10 so believe me, I GET IT when you say life is hectic.

My third suggestion is to follow a weight loss system that’s multi-dimensional.

Do you want to know why MOST diets fail? They don’t support you fully.

NOTHING in life is one dimensional. BFF doesn’t just tell you to “limit food intake” and leave you to figure out what that means.

BFF provides a detailed 28-day eating strategy. (And yes, it works even if your taste buds have been affected by weight gain!)

Afraid someone might try to sabotage your weight loss journey?
BFF provides you real-life tips how to handle that.

You want to tighten or tone your body further?
BFF has short 10-minute, at-home routines you can try if you want to.

Always struggled to stick to a weight loss program?
BFF will help you blast these roadblocks.


Last tip… choose a weight loss program that doesn’t take forever to kick in.

BFF is a short, 28-day program. You will start to see a difference in your body in the first 7 days, and you will continue this fat loss until you burn 8-25 pounds of unwanted body fat during the program.

I understand that when you take on something you want to see results. And I acknowledge that the sooner you experience weight loss, the better you will stick to the fundamentals of the program. This is why I designed BFF to work for you in less than a month.

Look, I can go on and on but in the end, it’s really all up to you.

Do you want to lose weight?
Do you want to stop this vicious cycle of overeating?
Do you want to live your best life yet?

Let me help you achieve what you want.

Click here now to get BeFinallyFit and lose 8-25 pounds of unwanted body fat… and STOP the cycle of overeating.


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