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Discover New Victories

Discover New Victories

I Want Victories – Built to help your Discover New Victories in Your Life
What is Discover New Victories? It is my signature program combining over 30 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and over 15 years in health ministry to provide you with a complete step-by-step positive lifestyle online course. This program is designed to help you have victory in…
What is Discover New Victories?

12 Weekly Uplifting Messages Plus Daily Devotional Messages
Value at $400
You will receive over 9 hours of health educating videos based on biblical and scientific principles that will motivate you and improve your health. The challenge is divided into four phases. Each phase takes three weeks for a total of 12 weeks. You’ll have something positive each day to motivate you in the right direction.

Phase 1– In this phase, will focus on the building blocks of life.

You will be reminded of how much you are loved and have a special purpose.

Phase 2 – In this phase, we will focus on the building blocks for a healthy body. You will learn proper nutrition and exercise guidelines.

Phase 3 – In this phase, we will focus on the building blocks for a healthy environment. You will establish habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Phase 4 – In this phase, you will find special bonuses plus new tools for developing the health you deserve!

Lifestyle Assessment
Value at $75
This will help you to understand your current state of wellness. Identify your areas where you have success and the areas where you need to improve to create a complete balance life.

DNV Meal Platform
Value at $75
You will receive meal guidelines and recommendations to help you shift your body into a FAT BURNING machine while at the same time improve your current health condition. Learn:

What are the best types of foods to eat.
How science can prove how much protein you need to eat.
How to create delicious meals in minutes.
Adjusting For Weight Loss, Gain, Or Maintenance
Over 120 days worth of meals combinations

DNV Transformation Workout Program
Value at $125
Complete body transformation workout designed to help you SHAPE and HEAL your body. Its unique mix of resistance, aerobics and flexible training will consistently challenge you towards success.

This program is for anyone, it doesn’t matter your current condition, whether you’re a couch potato or a gym rat. You can do it and you will see improvement. Plus, it’s 100% ONLINE so you could access your daily exercise routine from any mobile device.

DNV Live Webinars
Value at $75
During your 12-week journey, you have the opportunity to participate in several LIVE Webinars for deeper discussion about our DNV principles, health issues, as well as question and answer sessions.

DNV Private Facebook Group Membership
Value at $30
The “DNV members only” group is for you to interact with others who are going through the same journey, share success stories, recipes, best practice, plus you will find me there participating in conversations regularly.

DNV Study Guide
Value at $55
Will help you customize and reflect on new information from the program. This study guide is a tool for your personal growth.



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